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wheelchair accessibleStudio 1 (art center)
Mountain Artists Guild
228 N Alarcon Street, Prescott
Multiple artists, ceramics, jewelry, mixed media, painting, photography, wearables
Demos: in mediums listed above
wheelchair accessibleStudio 1S2
Donna Carver Fine Art Studio
228 N Alarcon St, Studio #2 Lower Level, Prescott
Donna Carver, printmaking, acrylic painting, mixed media
Demos: fine art printmaking: monotype, drypoint etching; chine collé
wheelchair accessibleStudio 2 (art center)
Prescott Center for the Arts
208 N Marina Street, Prescott
Multiple artists, sculpture, wearables, oil painting, jewelry, ceramics, metal
Demos: in mediums listed above
wheelchair accessibleStudio 3
Milagro Arts Center
126 N Marina St, Prescott
Multiple artists, ceramics, digital arts, photography, letterpress, printmaking, mixed media
Demos: open house
wheelchair accessibleStudio 4
Huckeba Art Gallery
227 W Gurley St, Prescott
Charles Huckeba, acrylic painting
Carleen Blum, acrylic painting
Demos: how to texturally paint, acrylic layering processes
wheelchair accessibleStudio 5
Random Art Studio,
214 N McCormick, Prescott
Allison Kantor, oil & acrylic painting
Demos: painting
wheelchair accessibleStudio 6
Astral Glass Studio
697 N 6th Street, Unit #101, Prescott
Cindi Shaffer, glass, jewelry, sculpture, printmaking
Cathy Gibbons, oil painting
Demos: glass fusing, sculpture, jewelry, enameling, oil painting

wheelchair accessibleStudio 7
6th Street Studios
697 N 6th Street, Unit #302, Prescott
Mary Schulte, sculpture, wearables, jewelry
Valarie Isley, acrylic painting
Demos: sculpture in fiber clay, painting

wheelchair accessibleStudio 8
Salusa Glassworks
108-A E Hillside Avenue, Prescott
Bandhu Dunham, glass
Demos: Lampworking glass
Studio 9
Art Farm Studios
1011 Norris Road, Prescott
Vivian Lucchesi, acrylic painting
Kim Fox, jewelry
Nancy Corrigan, sculpture, oil painting, jewelry

Demos: painting, throuwing, splashing canvas, kumihimo, fiber clay sculpture

Studio 10
Alice Gunter Studio
1495 Pinetree Lane, Prescott
Alice Gunter, oil painting
Demos: oil painting
Studio 11
Abby's Pots,
426 South Alarcon Street, Prescott
Abby Brill, ceramics,
Demos: wheel-throwing
wheelchair accessibleStudio 12
Ewalt Fine Arts
697 6th St, Studio 108, Prescott
Charlotte Ewalt, jewelry, metal,
Clyde Ewalt, drawing/pastel, painting,
Demos: drawing and oil painting techniques, electroforming and enameling
wheelchair accessibleStudio 13
Bill Cramer Studio
1520 Eagle Ridge Road, Prescott
Bill Cramer, oil painting
Anne Legge, woodworking
Demos: oil painting, wood-burning and staining
wheelchair accessibleStudio 14
Originalcin Jewelry, 928-541-1053
1468 Eagle Crest Drive, Prescott
Cynthia Hollins, jewelry, glass
Paula Euell, jewelry
Demos: wire-weaving and kumihimo, bead crochet
wheelchair accessibleStudio 15
Deanne Brewster Studio
979 Rosye View Lane, Prescott
Deanne Brewster, ceramics
Barbara Andress, sculpture, metal, mixed media
Lynn Schmitt, jewelry
Demos: ceramics construction - wheel and handbuilding,
sculptural sequence process, wire-work jewelry
wheelchair accessibleStudio 16
Skjei Designs
1814 Oaklawn Drive, Prescott
Jody Skjei, metal
Demos: transformation of found metal objects
Studio 17
Two Oaks Studio
1360 Sierry Peaks Drive, Prescott
Pamela Dunmire, acrylic painting
Patricia Tyser Carberry, jewelry,
Demos: acrylic painting, sculptural beadwork

wheelchair accessibleStudio 18
Eubanks Designs
330 N Washington. Prescott
Brandon Eubanks, metal,
Karel Armstrong, watercolor painting, drawing/pastel, wood-working
Demos: the essence of fine metal sculpture, watercolor painting, color pencil on wood and paper, fiber spinning
Studio 19
These Treasures Studio,
5 Woodside Drive, Prescott
Nancy Koski, ceramics
Demos: throwing on potter's wheel
wheelchair accessibleStudio 20
Antonius Glass Studios

2118 Old Kettle Drive, Prescott
Jim Antonius, blown glass
Paula Cooperrider, furniture, mixed media, wood-working
Demos: hand-blown glass, 3-D carving
wheelchair accessibleStudio 21
Hoy Pots
4390 Dome Road, Prescott
Bruce Haughey, ceramics
Demos: soda vapor firing & wheel throwing

wheelchair accessibleStudio 22
Whims and Fancies
863 S Maple Lane, Chino Valley
Roger H. Harlow, wood-working
Demos: segmented turning
wheelchair accessibleStudio 23
Wood Wizard
141 E Will Drive, Chino Valley
William F. Amerio, wood-working
Demos: 3-D wood art
wheelchair accessibleStudio 24
Peter and Jane Heckel Studio
1640 W Grasshopper Lane, Chino Valley
Peter Heckel, sculpture
Jane Heckel, jewelry
Demos: stone cutting, turning and finishing, necklace design, drilling, gemstones
wheelchair accessibleStudio 25
RMK Designs
1520 S Robin Ln, Chino Valley
Richard Kerrell, wood-working, furniture
Demos: box-building, lathe-turning, woodworking

wheelchair accessibleStudio 26
Patty Lindsey of Glass Goons
4455 N Juniper Drive, Chino Valley
Patty Lindsey, glass
Demos: cutting, grinding, mixing of glass
wheelchair accessibleStudio 27
The Studio of Painter & Sculptress Lori Higgins
3745 W Chipmunk Rd, Prescott
Lori Higgins, oil painting, sculpture
Demos: sculpting in 2/3-life size
wheelchair accessibleStudio 28
The Rusty O
4544 W Old Stage Rd, Prescott
Leslee Oaks, metal, mixed media
Demos: arranging metal to weld
wheelchair accessibleStudio 29
Andress Studio
246 W Soaring Ave, Prescott
Dale Andress, metal, mixed media
Terry Andress, glass
Ken Kasten, metal
Demos: steel sculptural process, welding steel, glass cutting and layout
wheelchair accessibleStudio 30 - (art center)
Town of Prescott Valley Civic Center
7501 E Civic Circle, Prescott Valley
Multiple artists, ceramics, jewelry, mixed media, painting (acrylic, oil, watercolor), woodworking
Demos: in mediums listed above
wheelchair accessibleStudio 31
Therese Stonehart Studio
21315 N El Rocko Rd, Paulden
Therese Stonehart, acrylic painting
Demos: painting a mural
Studio 32
Agate Stone Art Studio
7857 E Loos Dr, Prescott Valley
James Pape, sculpture
Susan Popko, sculpture
Demos: wrapping stones and soldering, stages of art development
wheelchair accessibleStudio 33
Russell Johnson Fine Art
2750 N Date Creek Dr, Prescott Valley
Russell Johnson, oil painting, photography
Demos: live oil painting demo
wheelchair accessibleStudio 34
Gail's Back Porch Studio
909 Trail Head Circle, Prescott
Gail Holl, oil painting, watercolor painting, mixed media, drawing/pastels, printmaking
Demos: creations on canvas or paper
wheelchair accessibleStudio 35
WestWind Pottery
1510 W Sylvan Drive, Prescott
Michael Brown, ceramics
Demos: pottery making on wheel

Studio 36
9 Lives Studio
12515 N Tri V Ranch Rd, Prescott
Jodi Maas, acrylic painting
Mike Maas, acrylic painting
Demos: painting, live painting
wheelchair accessibleStudio 37
Van Gorder Studio of Art
7747 Twin Oaks Court, Prescott
David Van Gorder, oil, acrylic and watercolor painting
Demos: handicap adapted easel mixed media painting
Studio 38
Douglass Designs
667 Towhee Dr, Prescott
Ferrell Douglass, acrylic painting
Demos: abstract/contemporary painting and techniques
Studio 39
Twilight Dream Studio
385 Bloomingdale Dr, Prescott
Mary Esneault, mixed media, painting, jewelry
Demos: mixed media/pastel/jewelry

Studio 40
Patrick Harper Studio
639 W Rosser St, Prescott
Patrick Harper, oil & acrylic painting, sculpture
Demos: sculpting, acrylic & oil painting
Studio 41
Appel's Bolt People
605 Flora St, Prescott
Steve Appel, metal
Demos: plasma cutting and welding video