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2015 Studio Tour Artists will be posted soon. (Below are the 2014 studio tour artists. The studio numbers refer to the host artists' locations on the illustrated maps ("Illustrated maps to Artists' Studios link above). Click the orange studio number to go to the printable map for that studio. You may also visit the artists' websites by clicking the links where applicable.)

magg wheelchair accessibleStudio 1 (art center)
Mountain Artists Guild
228 N Alarcon Street, Prescott
Guild artists, painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor), mixed media,
ceramics, jewelry
Demos: in mediums listed above
  Studio 19
These Treasures Studio,
5 Woodside Drive, Prescott
Demos: throwing pottery on the wheel, acrylic and watercolor painting
Donna Carver wheelchair accessibleStudio 1-S2
Donna Carver's Fine Art Studio
228 N Alarcon St, Studio #2 Lower Level, Prescott
Donna Carver, printmaking and painting
Demos: fine art printmaking process

nancy koski Studio 19 - host
Nancy Koski, ceramics
pca wheelchair accessibleStudio 2 (art center)
Prescott Center for the Arts
208 N Marina Street, Prescott
Multiple artists, ceramics, jewelry, fiber arts, photography,
printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, painting
Demos: in mediums listed above
karen gartley bush Studio 19 - guest
Karen Gartley Bush, painting
  wheelchair accessibleStudio 4
Charles Huckeba Studio
227 W Gurley Street, Prescott
Demos: abstract painting, showing how to texturally paint

  wheelchair accessibleStudio 20
Antonius Glass Studio

2118 Old Kettle Drive, Prescott
Demos: glass blowing and sculpting
charles huckeba Studio 4 - host
Charles Huckeba, painting
jim antonius Studio 20 - host
Jim Antonius, blown glass
carleen blum Studio 4 - guest
Carleen Blum, painting
jordan ford Studio 20 - guest
Jordan Ford, blown glass
allison kantor Studio 5
Random Art Studio,
214 N McCormick, Prescott
Allison Kantor, painting
Demos: oil painting and interactive piece
bruce haughey wheelchair accessibleStudio 21
Bruce Haughey Studio
4390 Dome Road, Prescott
Bruce Haughey, ceramics
Demos: slab and wheel-throwing, firing gas soda vaporizing kiln
cindi shaffer wheelchair accessibleStudio 6
Astral Glass Studio
697 N 6th Street, Unit #101, Prescott
Cindi Shaffer, glass and jewelry
Demos: glass, sculpture, jewelry & enamel processes
roger harlow
wheelchair accessibleStudio 22
Roger Harlow Studio
863 S Maple Lane, Chino Valley
Roger H. Harlow, woodworking
Demos: construction of a segmented vessel
  wheelchair accessibleStudio 7
6th Street Studios
697 N 6th Street, Unit #302, Prescott
Demos: fiber arts, paintings
william amerio wheelchair accessibleStudio 23
William Amerio Studio
141 E Will Drive, Chino Valley
William Amerio, woodworking
Demos: wood scroll saw work
mary schulte Studio 7 - host
Mary Schulte, jewelry, fiber arts and sculpture
  wheelchair accessibleStudio 24
Peter and Jane Heckel Studio
1640 W Grasshopper Lane, Chino Valley
Demos: stone cutting, turning & finishing, bead & gemstone jewelry
Dana Cohn Studio 7 - guest
Dana Cohn, painting
peter heckel Studio 24 - host
Peter Heckel, sculpture
bandhu dunham wheelchair accessibleStudio 8
Salusa Glassworks
108-A E Hillside Avenue, Prescott
Bandhu Dunham, glass blowing
Demos: glass blowing of figurines, ornaments, goblets
jane heckel Studio 24 - host
Jane Heckel, jewelry
  Studio 9
Art Farm Studios
1011 Norris Road, Prescott
Demos:abstract painting, Kumihimo braiding, welding metal sculptures

patty lindsey wheelchair accessibleStudio 26
Patty Lindsey Studio
4455 N Juniper Drive, Chino Valley
Patty Lindsey, glass
Demos: glass cutting, fusing, slumping
vivian lucchesi Studio 9 - host
Vivian Lucchesi, painting
Don Rantz Fine Art wheelchair accessibleStudio 27 (art center)
Don Rantz Fine Art
1070 Parkside Village Dr, Chino Valley
Multiple artists
Demos:oil painting
kim fox Studio 9 - guest
Kim Fox, jewelry

Don Rantz Studio 27 - host
Don Rantz, painting
Steve Appel Studio 9 - guest
Steve Appel, sculpture
Bret Blevins Studio 27 - guest
Bret Blevins, painting
alice gunter Studio 10
Alice Gunter Studio
1495 Pinetree Lane, Prescott
Alice Gunter, painting
Demos: oil painting

Leslee Oaks wheelchair accessibleStudio 28
The Rusty O
4544 W Old Stage Rd, Prescott
Leslee Oaks, sculpture
Demos: welding using new steel & found objects
Abby Brill Studio 11
Abby's Pots,
426 South Alarcon Street, Prescott
Abby Brill, ceramics
Demos: wheel-thrown ceramics
Jim Veney
Studio 29
Jim Veney Studio
245 Pinion Oak Dr, Prescott
Jim Veney, painting
Demos: watercolor painting
vivian stewart Studio 12
Vivian Stewart Studio
725 Malia Way, Prescott
Vivian Stewart, painting
Demos: landscape paintings
Slade Graves Studio 30
1155 Linden, Prescott
Slade Graves, painting
Demos: inception to completion: a visual presentation
  wheelchair accessibleStudio 13
Bill Cramer Studio
1520 Eagle Ridge Road, Prescott
Demos: oil painting, wood burning and staining
Therese Stonehart Studio 31
Therese Stonehart Studio
21315 N El Rocko Rd, Paulden
Therese Stonehart, painting
Demos: acrylic painting on sandstone
bill cramer Studio 13 - host
Bill Cramer, painting
Lynn VanLandingham Studio 32
Lynn VanLandingham Studio
730 Mingus, Prescott
Lynn VanLandingham, painting
Demos: watercolor painting
anne legge Studio 13 - guest
Anne Legge, woodworking

wheelchair accessibleStudio 33
Cathy Gibbons Studio
7300 E. Knobby Lane, Prescott Valley
Demos: oil painting, colored pencil, watercolor painting, woodturning

  Studio 14
Cynthia Hollins Studio, 928-541-1053
1468 Eagle Crest Drive, Prescott
Demos: faux bone pendants, stringing, bead crocheting, formfolding, making bracelets & earrings
Cathy Gibbons Studio 33 - host
Cathy Gibbons, painting
cynthia hollins Studio 14 - host
Cynthia Hollins, jewelry
Russell Johnson Studio 33 - guest
Russell Johnson, painting
paula euell Studio 14 - guest
Paula Euell, jewelry
John Armstrong Studio 33 - guest
John Armstrong, woodworking
carole stull Studio 14 - guest
Carole Stull, jewelry
Karel Armstrong Studio 33 - guest
Karel Armstrong, painting
  wheelchair accessibleStudio 15
Deanne Brewster Studio
979 Rosye View Lane, Prescott
Demos: ceramics construction - wheel and handbuilding,
sculptural sequence process, jewelry making
Gail Holl wheelchair accessibleStudio 34
Gail's Back Porch Studio
909 Trail Head Circle, Prescott
Gail Holl, painting and drawing/pastels
Demos: painting
deanne brewster Studio 15 - host
Deanne Brewster, ceramics
  Studio 35
WestWind Pottery
1510 W Sylvan Drive, Prescott
Demos: functional, handbuilt and raku pottery
barbara andress Studio 15 - guest
Barbara Andress, sculpture, mixed media
Michael Brown Studio 35 - host
Michael Brown, ceramics
lynn schmitt Studio 15 - guest
Lynn Schmitt, jewelry
Cristy Anderson Studio 35 - guest
Cristy Anderson, ceramics
jody skjei wheelchair accessibleStudio 16
Skjei Designs
1814 Oaklawn Drive, Prescott
Jody Skjei, sculpture
Demos: transformation of found metal objects
  Studio 36
9 Lives Studio
12515 N Tri V Ranch Rd, Prescott
Demos: acrylic and mixed media painting
  Studio 17
Two Oaks Studio
1360 Sierry Peaks Drive, Prescott
Demos: acrylic painting, sculptural beadwork

Jodi Maas Studio 36 - host
Jodi Maas, painting
pamela dunmire Studio 17 - host
Pamela Dunmire, painting

Mike Maas Studio 36 - guest
Mike Maas, painting
patricia tyser carberry Studio 17 - guest
Patricia Tyser Carberry, glass and jewelry,
Farrell Douglass Studio 36 - guest
Farrell Douglass, painting
  wheelchair accessibleStudio 18
1543 Marvin Gardens Lane. Prescott
Demos: oil, acrylic, mixed-media painting, wearable art
David Van Gorder wheelchair accessibleStudio 37
Van Gorder Studio of Art
7747 Twin Oaks Court, Prescott
David Van Gorder, painting
Demos: handicap adapted easel mixed media painting
Nancy Corrigan Studio 18 - host
Nancy Corrigan,painting
Mary Esneault Studio 18 - guest
Mary Esneault,painting